We Take The Guesswork Out Of Risk Management

Risk management is fundamental to a successful business. When mistakes happen and procedures are not followed, a business can suffer tremendous losses or face serious litigation that may have otherwise been avoided if a strong risk management program had been put in place.

At Wolf & Fox, P.C., we understand the importance of establishing risk management and prevention programs that evaluate and forecast potential financial and legal risks our business clients could face. We analyze risks to determine where our clients have exposure and how to prevent and/or reduce that exposure. We then offer solutions that help our clients avoid or minimize the impact these issues could have on their business.

We Give Business Owners Peace Of Mind

Our attorneys are committed to putting your New Mexico business in the best possible position so that it can be successful. We do this by:

  • Helping businesses recognize and address potential issues that could lead to litigation
  • Making sure employee policies are clear so as to avoid employment disputes
  • Creating management training programs that ensure proper adherence to state and federal employment laws
  • Running policy audits to identify potential gaps or issues that could lead to disputes or litigation
  • Updating risk management policies to better address changes to the business structure and operation

For more than 25 years, the name Wolf & Fox has become a trusted name in business law matters because of our focus on providing our clients with strong legal advice, keeping them informed about changes to the law and helping them to make decisions that make the most sense for their situation. We strive for results that take all of your business needs and goals into consideration.

We Help to Reduce Liability Exposure

It is important to analyze how a business handles personal injury claims. All too often, a business immediately turns over a claim to its insurance carrier to provide payment to the claimant. Unfortunately, patrons are aware of this too, and often file claims that do not have merit, with the understanding that the insurance company will issue a quick settlement check just to make the matter go away.

While filing an insurance claim may be the best thing to do in certain circumstances, your business will miss an opportunity to control and manage risk if it does not first properly investigate, document and analyze the claim.

In helping our clients reduce their exposure to liability from personal injury claims, Wolf & Fox provides education and training regarding best practices for documenting and investigating claims. This training emphasizes the importance of conveying proper concern for the patron, which can often fully resolve claims at that time. Instruction is also given related to how to properly document the alleged incident, including tips for completing incident reports in a manner so that they do not contain any statements that can be construed as an admission of liability or otherwise used against your business.

How things are said or written down can often have unintended, negative consequences. Focus is also placed on educating our clients as to how to conduct a timely and thorough investigation.

Wolf & Fox is well-versed in educating and training businesses on how to properly investigate personal injury claims and document the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident without inadvertently exposing the company to liability.

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Our lawyers take the right preventative steps that put businesses of all sizes in a strong position to compete in their market and achieve success, all while abiding by state and federal law.

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