Family Law Attorneys On Your Side In New Mexico

Family law encompasses many legal matters, including divorce, paternity, custody, timesharing and visitation, child support, property and debt division, alimony and spousal support and adoption. While some issues might seem simple to handle on your own, many people soon discover just how complicated these matters are and how important it is to talk to an attorney who can walk them through the complexities and confusion. This is particularly true because your financial security and your relationship with your children may be at stake.

At Wolf & Fox, P.C., you can trust our lawyers to not only keep you informed about your family law matter, but to also carefully guide you through any issue toward a favorable resolution. We pride ourselves on the high level of service we deliver each time we take a case. But most importantly, we believe that the biggest benefit we provide is our ability to protect your best interests and get results quickly and effectively.

Dedicated Representation For Any Legal Matter

We have considerable experience handling a wide variety of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce matters — We handle all aspects of the process from property division to alimony requests.
  • Legal separations — In situations where divorce may not be the best option, we can ensure that property and debts are properly divided and that custody, timesharing and support issues are addressed.
  • Mediation and settlement facilitation — Our experienced attorneys can serve as mediators to help parties resolve their issues or represent you to ensure your interests are protected during the settlement process.
  • Child custody issues — Whether you live in New Mexico or elsewhere in the country, we can establish an enforceable custody and timesharing schedule for you and your children.
  • Child support establishment and enforcement — We can ensure that child support is properly calculated and help with collecting payments.
  • Paternity — We help fathers make legal connections with their biological children and assist mothers with collecting child support from absent fathers.
  • Third-party custody issues and guardianships — We help grandparents, same-sex couples and family members get custody orders and guardianship of children when the situation calls for it.
  • Parental relocations — We help our clients protect their relationship with their children when a parent seeks to move away from New Mexico with the children.
  • Custody and support modifications — When circumstances change, we can guide you through the process of modifying custody and timesharing plans as well as child support.
  • Adoptions — We help families come together by adopting children including stepparent adoptions.
  • Domestic violence issues — Whether you are a victim or have been accused of domestic abuse, we can help you with getting, defending against or enforcing orders of protection and restraining orders.
  • Alimony and spousal support — Our attorneys have the experience to maximize the amount and duration of spousal support for the spouse receiving support or to reduce the liability and exposure of the person paying it.

Taking The Approach That Works Best

Whether you would rather handle your family law matter with the help of a judge or you are interested in resolving your matter in mediation or settlement facilitation, the attorneys at Wolf & Fox are ready and able to take any course of action that protects your best interests.

Let Us Be Your Guide

If you are interested in retaining our services or have questions about your family law matter, contact our Albuquerque office by calling 505-633-8381 or send us a message online. Initial consultations are free.