We Ensure You Are Financially Set After Divorce

If a spouse is not self-supporting after divorce, a claim for spousal support or alimony, also known as spousal maintenance, can be made.

Those who find themselves in need of a spousal support order or are defending against a claim for spousal support should do so after consulting with an experienced attorney who will listen to their needs, understand their goals and guide them through the process. The team of highly trained professional lawyers at Wolf & Fox, P.C. can do just that and more.

We Seek The Right Spousal Support Order To Meet Your Needs

When people think of spousal support or alimony, they typically envision a person paying money until the other party dies or remarries. While such indefinite spousal support does exist in New Mexico, there are many other types of spousal support that can be considered.

The different types of spousal support include:

  • Rehabilitative spousal support — granted to a spouse in order to provide them with the means to receive an education, training, work experience or other rehabilitative services to help them earn income and become self-supporting
  • Transitional spousal support — given to supplement the income of the receiving spouse for a limited period of time
  • Permanent spousal support — issued for an indefinite amount of time unless the order is modified or terminated by a judge
  • Lump-sum, nonmodifiable spousal support — awarded in a set amount that cannot be changed be either party but may be paid in one or more established installment payments

The attorneys at Wolf & Fox are skilled in both pursuing and defending against claims for spousal support. When payment of spousal support is likely, our attorneys have the experience to maximize the amount and duration of the alimony payment for the spouse receiving support or to reduce the liability and exposure of the person paying.

Our attorneys will carefully review your situation to determine the amount and duration of spousal support that may be applicable in your case.

We can then present a well-prepared plan to a family law judge who will look at a variety of factors — including each spouse's age, health, earning ability, disparity of income, standard of living, duration of marriage and more — in order to determine the amount and duration of spousal support, if any support is to be paid at all.

Making Sure Alimony Remains Appropriate

If your spousal support order is no longer adequate or you do not have the means to meet the terms of the order, our lawyers are able to guide you through the process of modifying your spousal support order.

Let Us Take An Active Role In Your Case

With Wolf & Fox on your side, you can rest easy knowing that we will support you through a difficult time and resolve your issue quickly and effectively.

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