We Confirm The Rights And Responsibilities Of Parents

When parents are married, the rights and responsibilities of parenting, such as custody, visitation and child support, are typically much easier to address because each parent has established rights and obligations that a judge will automatically recognize. Unfortunately for unmarried fathers, the same is not true. In order for a father to be a part of his child's life, and before the court will impose a child support obligation, paternity must first be established.

Although paternity can be established by acknowledgment or genetic testing, the legal process of establishing a father's parental rights and/or enforcing a father's parental obligations is much more complex than that. At Wolf & Fox, P.C., we understand these complexities and how to navigate the legal system successfully to resolve child custody issues and child support matters that arise in paternity cases. We believe in providing outstanding representation in every case by listening to our clients, addressing all of their concerns and getting the job done effectively and correctly.

Establishing Paternity In New Mexico

Whether you are a biological father seeking to enforce your rights and establish a relationship with your child, or a mother needing to establish paternity in order to force an absent father to pay child support, we can help you face these issues head on and with confidence.

We Provide Guidance And Understanding

At Wolf & Fox, we understand what you are going through. For more than 25 years, our attorneys have prided themselves on building a solid foundation of trust with clients. We believe this helps us to reach resolutions that are truly in your best interests.

We do this by responding to calls and emails promptly, answering each of our clients' questions honestly and presenting options that make sense for each client's unique situation. We are there for you and your family through any family law matter, including paternity and custody issues.

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Establishing paternity in New Mexico should not have to be handled alone. Talk to the lawyers at Wolf & Fox and start feeling confident about what you need to do to protect your parental rights. To schedule a free initial consultation, call our Albuquerque office at 505-633-8381 or send us a message online.